Foreign Trade: Technocarg operates as a "Trading" company by offering strategic Consulting in foreign trade.
As a trading company, Technocarg is a strategic partner in the preparation, execution and monitoring of the whole export/import process of the desired product by advising the client on the most advantageous procedures.

During our consulting services we start our work based on the strategies defined by the client, seeking to add our expertise in Foreign Trade to the desired objectives and developing “door to door” processes, thus ensuring client satisfaction.

Product Procurement and Export at third parties' request

At Technocarg we structure on-demand export operations at the request of our clients in the most varied sectors. We offer logistics, financial and administrative integration along with real-time monitoring of the development of each process from shipment to delivery of the products at the designated destination.

We offer procurement services for the acquisition of products for use in civil construction (machines, equipment and various materials), as well as furniture and decoration items for interior and exterior design. Technocarg is fully equipped to meet new clients’ export and integrated logistics demands of clients in other business sectors.

Acting as a strategic partner in procurement and exportation of products for clients, Technocarg operates as an integrated exporting platform, enabling Brazilian exporters to obtain actual and outstanding presence for their brands in the international market.

We guarantee absolute safety in delivering the products to their final destination and total client satisfaction.

This is what makes us unique!