Technocarg is an import/export company with head offices in the city of São Paulo – SP, Brazil, having a complete structure and broad experience to operate in the market of consulting and strategic planning in foreign trade, offering management, procurement, logistics and transportation solutions.

Founded in 2009, the company has focused mainly on the exportation of products mostly for the civil construction market, including all interior/exterior design items, in addition to furniture and household appliances.

Technocarg's founding partners have more than 25 years of experience in the area, in addition to relationships and experience living on the African continent in the implementation of large projects involving great logistics and operational complexity. Technocarg is a company based in Brazil operating as a logistics link between Brazilian suppliers who need to ship their products to the African continent in an expeditious manner, ensuring that the products arrive at their final destination in perfect condition.

Technocarg is duly registered with the Brazilian Revenue Service to operate in foreign trade and has obtained its own "RADAR" license.

Our mission is to always work with transparency and be available to meet clients' demands by offering efficient, high quality and fast services.

With impeccable care of all the details of the logistics process, from beginning to end, our distinguishing characteristics lie in the monitoring of the cargo since the place of origin, with due regard to every detail of its shipment in Brazil (see our photos of completed projects), thus ensuring successful shipments and avoiding potential trouble for the client.

Technocarg relies on a solid partnership in Angola with forwarding agents in Luanda, who manage the cargo customs clearance process with great responsibility, thus ensuring the safe carriage of the cargo and the delivery thereof at the final destination designated by the client.

"RADAR" License

"RADAR" stands for "Registration and Monitoring of the Activities of Parties in Customs Transactions"

Known as 'summary tax examination', Brazilian legislation has established a prior inspection requirement before the import/export license is granted by making companies' records and tax information available to the other computer systems of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

Under such system, foreign trade transactions, information relating to customs, accounting and tax records of all companies are made available in real time to the Federal Revenue Service auditors.

Every company operating in the export/import business must be registered with the 'RADAR'.

Also known as RADAR registration (or login), the registration required to utilize the 'Siscomex' (Customs Selectivity System for Customs Releases) consists in the prior examination of a company before it is allowed to conduct foreign trade operations. Such license is obtained in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service ('SRF').